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Truck/Car Service - Kaselouris Dimitrios

The "Truck / Car Workshop - Kasselouris Dimitrios" is based in Arta and is located in the area of ​​Ano Agioni Anargyroi. With years of experience and great expertise and know-how in the field of heavy-duty service, we promise impeccable service in terms of repair and maintenance of your vehicle.
Our team's goal of understanding your needs is your right, fast and efficient service and for this specialized staff we handle every case with responsibility and professionalism.
We are always in contact with the customer to inform him of the progress of our operations and we take care of the delivery of the vehicle at the agreed date.



We undertake servicing and repairs of all types of trucks specializing in the timeless Mercedes and Man. We also undertake car repairs and service.

 Brakes - ABS
We undertake the installation of ABS and also make changes to disc brake, disc brakes, drums, jaws and calipers

Ano Agioi Anargyroi, Άρτα 47100 /
Phone: 2681073285
Cell: 6977475637